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About Cora

Cora is our amazing, sweet, slightly stubborn and extremely loving 6-year old daughter who was born with Macrocephaly-Capillary Malformation. M-CM is a very rare multiple-malformation syndrome causing body and head overgrowth and abnormalities of the skin, vascular system, brain and limbs. Cora started having seizures at 5 months. Her first seizure happened in her sleep (common for her) and was a status seizure. For the next 2 ½ years Cora was put on 7 different seizure medications/combinations in attempts to get control. Her worst days consisted of 30-50 drop seizures, tonic-clonics, rectal Diastat, and ER trips due to status seizures. A few months before her 3rd birthday, Cora’s seizures increased dramatically. None of the medications worked and she was in status for several weeks. We were told our only option was brain surgery as there was “no time” to try other options.

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