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About Hayden

My name is Hayden, aka “FlyBoy”. People call me “FlyBoy” because I LOVE airplanes! Everything airplane related and I love to travel. In fact, my mom tells me that my first word was “airplane.” I want to be a pilot when I grow up. I am 9 years old.

I was adopted at birth and my mom and dad fell madly in love with me at first sight. My early years were fun filled and I went to preschool and kindergarten and made lots of friends. But when I was practicing for my kindergarten graduation, I fell off my chair on the stage and had my first Grand Mal seizure. I was 5 years old. From that point on my life changed forever. After continuing convulsing seizures that forced me to miss my kindergarten graduation and go the ER numerous times, the neurologist had me undergo all kinds of scary tests. I was diagnosed with epilepsy; this means that my brain has sudden and uncontrollable electrical “storms” that cause my body to go into massive convulsions.

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