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About Braedy

Braedy was born a perfectly healthy beautiful baby boy. On March 19, 2011, when Braedy was just 3 months old he had his first seizure. He was taken to Blanks Childrens Hospital where he had a huge work up of spinal taps, EEGs, mris, cat scans, pet scans, blood work, metabollic testing, genetic testing, etc. All findings came back normal. He was sent home on phenobarbitol but the seizures continued. A week later after having 12 seizures in one day we took him back to Blanks where another medication was given called Keppra. More seizures. He was life-flighted to the Mayo Hospital PICU in Rochester, MN. Another, more extensive workup was performed and still all tests came back normal. Braedy was at Mayo for 45 days. He was having 10-15 seizures every day, some as long as 15 min. More medications were added to his regimen and when all was said and done 7 seizure meds failed to control the seizures. In this time, Braedy’s little body took a harsh beating by thousands of seizures. He lost all of his milestones and abilities. He was unable to use any part of his body aside from blinking and swallowing.

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