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About KC

Our 9 year old son, KC, has intractable epilepsy, most likely Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, a rare type of progressive pediatric epilepsy with a poor prognosis. The seizures began when he was 3 for no known reason. He has not responded to current treatments over the past 6 years and continues to suffer from 5 different seizure types daily. He is not a good candidate for surgery, and there are no other medications that are likely to help. We are currently on a special diet and risky seizure medication that only helps minimally. He had regularly required his rescue med 1-3 times daily for the past several months and was having 600-900 seizures per week. We felt we were losing our son before our eyes. We feared these 100’s of seizures per week would lead to cumulative brain damage and the loss of the sunshine in our son’s eyes. We sought help from the Realm of Caring with a parent’s vengeance. We knew in our hearts we had no other choice but to come to Colorado.

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