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About Sydni

Sydni has Doose syndrome, she was (seemingly) perfectly healthy until 4, very sharp and funny. Out of the blue the the seizures hit, and within a month or 2 she was up to thousands a day. All kinds, primarily drop seizures, absence, and tonic clonics.The last 5 years she has had the seizures 24/7 without rest. At 9 years old she now tests at about a 3 year old level for most academic related items. Increased seizures happen due to allergies, excitement, sickness, sleepiness… She has been on 8 or 9 meds. She has been on Ketogenic diet. She has also had the VNS put in.She has had 4 sets of stitches, 2 broken arms (due to poor balance) and 1 of those requiring pins be put in her arm. With a BMI that dropped to the 3rd percentile, she was labeled failure to thrive a year ago and was given a G-tube to help catch her growth and weight up to where it should be.

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